Monday, January 30, 2006

A mini post (better ignored than read)

Just some keywords to include in this page - just in case someone searched.
Sundara Aravinda Vikaasa..
Ajik Ijik Lekha... (SAP, NASA, Bhai kadai, Anna Univ)
Surely there must be other bloggers out there who share my alma maters. I couldn't find 'em. Hence the keywords in this blog.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Vivaaa Las Vegas!

Does that show a lack of taste?
People seem to either hate Vegas or love it. I've not heard one indifferent response yet "Yeah, we went to Vegas. It was alright..."
So far, upon telling my coworkers that I've been to Vegas, I've either been inundated with questions and tales of their own trip(s) to Vegas, or I've had people screwing up their face in disgust 'What a phony place!". Nothing in between.

I think the ones who hate Vegas haven't really seen all that Vegas has to offer. Or maybe they've seen it all too many times. Or maybe all their enjoyment is passed thru a filter before it is experienced... Although, coming to think of it, which one of us does not pass his/her experiences through one filter or another? For any experience to have a subjective value and become good, bad, unpleasant or whatever in a person's mind, it needs to pass through a filter.

So without much further ranting, I guess I'll just say that I enjoyed the sights and sounds of Vegas. It was a treat for the senses. You don't have to gamble to enjoy Vegas (although that helps). I would love to go there again at least one more time... to see all that I could not see this time. Of course its all fake, but thats the charm of it. The grandeur, the lights, the colours and the obvious but endearing fakeness of it all!

(photo of Parasol Cafe, The Wynn)

Viva Las Vegas!