Friday, April 07, 2006

Risky business

The past couple of weeks have found me stressed and worried about finding a house.
Not a calming activity in any scenario, but particularly stressful considering Calgary's economy and our lack of knowledge.

Luckily there is the internet! So we're able to see the listing, map the areas they're in and estimate the distances to our relative workplaces. The internet has also taught us about the different types of furnaces, the different types of siding & shingles, the different kinds of whatever you want to know and how to waste an incredible amount of time, learning about absolutely irrelevant things.

Still its a great tool, this internet. What a pity it cannot also tell us what the option with least risk and greatest profit is! It is the business of weighing one risk against another that is probably the most stressful. What are we willing to live with?

We threw away a perfectly good place in a wonderful unpolluted scenic neighborhood and a posh interior because it was too small for us. Now we're searching 'bigger'. But at what cost? A longer commute? A not so great neighborhood? Continual traffic noise from the highway? A much higher price? Something's gotta give, and I don't know what. Maybe we'll just give up!