Saturday, March 15, 2014

Loving myself

Series of late nights. Non existent sleep. Bad head cold and sore throat. Two needy children who want my love and attention. Criticism from the people I thought were my greatest support. Feeling so un loved and unsupported.

How can I give love and attention, when I don't feel loved myself? When I don't feel understood or appreciated, how am I supposed to ladle out affection and appreciation. Barrel is empty people. Move on!

And then I got to thinking, who am I expecting love from? My children love me but they are too young to *give* love. My husband has his own duties and preoccupations? When was the last time I gave him love? Everyone I see is running around with a barrel that's kind of getting empty - drained by their own little and big problems. 

Logically that leaves only me to love myself and replenish myself when supply is running low. So I'll start with a hot cup of ginger tea and some quiet time for myself today. Won't fill 'er up but at least I won't be running on empty.