Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The darker side of this place


A Hindu priest's family and home were attacked a few days ago and they're now fleeing Belfast. Came to know of this in conversation with another Indian family yesterday and then from the internet. Scary!

Friday, June 26, 2009

An ocean apart

Haven't written in a while because I was too busy living! Now, isn't that an excuse? ;-)
I am currently in Belfast, Northern Ireland accompanying my husband on his academic visit. We're likely to be here for a few more months.

It's been almost two weeks since we arrived - two weeks filled with moving in, settling down and exploring just a wee bit. For the better part of last week, we stayed in a temporary apartment - a gorgeous place in Wellington park, which is just a bit south of the city centre. And then we walked and walked and walked and occasionally took a bus around trying to find a place to live for the next few months. We wanted someplace within walking distance of shops since we didn't have a car and also someplace that would be an easy commute for my husband to work.

And someplace safe! We initially found it a bit shocking that people warned us to stay away from some areas because of troubles with racism. And then we got a couple of eggs hurled against our window! It was enough to send me into a frenzy of fear, until we spied an egg dripping on the window of the neighbouring building too. Probably the work of some wandering drunk!
So anyway we found an apartment in the city centre which is good in terms of commuting and also very close to all kinds of shopping. Seems okay in terms of safety and I hope it stays that way.

There are quite a few other Indian families with kids and it looks like Kuttipa will have some company here after all.

It's a different way of life, not having a car and walking everywhere. I end up doing a bit of groceries everyday since it is easier to carry home than a big load. The fridge in our apartment is very small, so that also prevents stocking up in bulk quantities. There is a fruit and vegetable shop nearby which has fresher produce than the department store. There are also tons of bakeries nearby.

And the buildings are all so gorgeous! Everything is gorgeous!! I've not seen much of the city but I am looking forward to exploring it over the next few months. And when I can, I'll come here and write down what I've seen and where I've been. How else will I remember it all?