Sunday, July 16, 2006

Recent news

Too much time between my last blog and this one.
Too many things have happened as well. We did find a house and we are moving in next month. I am quite terrified about the whole process though. Maintaining an apartment has been challenging enough for me, a challenge I constantly fail at that. Now the realm of my responsibility increases to include a yard, a lawn and a whole bunch of other things I've no idea about... How do people live in houses? How do people live?

How DO people live? Thats what I wonder on some days when I am exceedingly tired. My dream is to be perfectly still and do nothing .... the inertia heaven. My mother on the other hand, cannot be still and just vegetate in front of the TV for instance. She constantly has to do something as she proved in her recent visit. Is that the normal way to be and do I just have a work ethic gene that got misplaced somewhere?

Went to Vancouver recently. Beautiful beautiful absolutely gorgeous city! The city is so alive and vibrant! The architecture downtown is not just a series of dull boxes, although they do have their share of that. But its the ones that are not dull grey or brown boxes that give the city life. I never realized how responsive my mind was to good architecture and design around me, till I went without. Its like my hostel days in college. I was so accustomed to eating disgusting watered down crap at the mess, that when I went to a restaurant after 4 months and ate good food, I started weeping. The feeling is the same... the instant realization of what you've missed and how much you've missed it and an outraged feeling of having been cheated. I would defintely move to Vancouver if I could.

Some of my other favorite places where I'd like to live if I could:
1.) Ernakulam, Kerala (incredibly beautiful)
2.) Goa (duh!)
3.) New York city (yes, inspite of the muggers and all)
4.) San Francisco (although I've not seen enough of it yet)

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