Friday, July 13, 2007

In other news...

Here are a couple of links I came across while browsing some blogs today.


Apparently tiny but powerful little magnets the size of baby aspirin, inside big toys, can cause a lot of harm if the big toy breaks and the tiny magnets are ingested. 1 death and 4 near fatal incidents later, the toys still haven't been fully recalled and are available for sale widely! Scary!!!! And Magnetix is not the only company to blame either. Here is a link to a follow-up story.,1,5991469.story


Unrelated article to the first link, but a good read nevertheless. I've a friend who went through something very very similar and so I can totally understand. Again it goes back to the whole being judgmental thing that I talked about in an earlier post. I am lucky that my friend experienced this whole pregnancy and childbirth thing before me. If nothing else, I've learnt from her experiences that unexpected can and will happen in this process and there is truly no way to expect and prepare for it...

Come to think of it, the same holds true for life in general doesn't it? Except we all like to think we have some kind of grip on things and some measure of control. But if we didn't think so, would we be able to function at all?

Going to Banff tomorrow with the relatives...Have been really pampered this week with the varied delicious home cooked meals I come home to in the evenings. I'll really miss them when they leave next week. Especially now that the 'joys' of pregnancy such as back pain and edema have struck, I really really appreciate all the help around the house.

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