Monday, April 06, 2009

Everything is so interesting

Well, almost everything is interesting except whatever it is I need to be doing at any given moment. If I am blogging now, and if you bet that I actually should be doing something else, you'd be totally right. There are times when I decide that I should blog, and then what do I do? Not blog of course!

If I said I am addicted to the internet, it would be putting it mildly. It's my life. It's everything. Okay, maybe I am overstating it now. The thing is there is no good way to explain how it fits into my life. Or how my life fits into it. Or something.

I wonder how I seem to come upon the most amazing and interesting sites just when I sit down to 'catch up on some work, now that the kid is asleep.' In fact, that's exactly the reason I am at the computer at this moment, except as you can see this is no lighting calc.

So I'll just list some of the sites I've visited in the recent past.
I am already a huge fan of So..
I actually got this link from one of the comments from the Bloggess site. But then I noticed the Blogess had mentioned it too. It's so...funny (for the lack of a better word)
Again, another link from the Blogess comments. I liked what she was saying about family and relationships though I read only a couple of posts.
I don't even know how I came upon this one. Heaven knows I am not fashionable or even particularly well groomed. I don't think I even wear matching socks sometimes. I loved this site though, especially for the photos!

And there were a few other sites. But Kuttipa is up and awake and I really need to end this post right now. So maybe later...when I ought to be working again.

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