Monday, December 14, 2009


I've been back in Calgary for about 9 days now. Long enough for the cold and snow to feel like a natural part of the landscape - which of course, they are, just not where I am from though. The jet lag is almost gone. It took a while partly because of Kuttipa (and of course I blame Kuttipa for everything these days).

And I wish I could write. There is a lot going on internally (there always is). Not much of it I can write though...for public consumption I mean, whatever little public happens to come through.

What can I write about? Well, Kuttipa ate an apple today. Not an entire apple but about 1/4th. Which is actually pretty darn awesome. The kid has never ever ever done this before. No matter how hard I tried, fruit would never go in unless it happened to be mashed thoroughly and blended into a milkshake or something. So, I am excited! Hopefully this wasn't a one-time freak occurance.

He is obsessesed with the alphabet these days, which he sometimes says in the right order although with a few letters missing. His favorite letters seem to be E, F and W('bubby') and he will wander around the house repeating these letters again and again. Particularly 'efff'. As long as its the letter and not the word, says my husband. I guess..

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