Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Breaking my long time silence here to say a couple of things.

It's no secret I am fat. Really fat. What you probably don't know is how it has affected my life and dominated my thought process. Okay, I might have talked a bit about that too...

Well, I am on a new diet. It's called Eat Whatever The Heck You Want diet. No, seriously!

I am done obsessing over my weight. I am done trying this method and that method and low-this and low-that. I am done with weight loss shakes. I am done with counting carbs, counting calories, counting whatever the next fad is.

So am I going to just gorge on cookies and ice-cream? None of your business really! To answer your question though: Yes and no. I am not sure how this is going to look. Some days may have cookies and ice-cream and other days may have other things...I am not going to plan every  bite I eat though. Financial constraints will also probably dictate a lot of home cooked food and I don't cook ice-cream or cookies very well.

Had my bloodwork done recently and all my levels (the cholesterol, the triglycerides, etc.) are looking good! So much for the fat = public health menace viewpoint.

I can almost hear you mutter 'Just wait a few years and it will be different'. Okay, we'll talk again then.
I do know skinny people my age with high cholesterol levels and the like. So it's not really all that simple.

In final conclusion, may I direct you to a couple of  fine articles?



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