Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Been a while again

Its May 1 already! Time sure flies...What has happened in the while that I've not updated this blog? Not much and plenty - depending on how you look at it.

In february, I discovered that I was pregnant - something I didn't really think that I'd be blessed with so soon...Its funny how something becomes so much more precious when there is a possibility of it not being attained. I had always kind of wanted kids, but not in a desperate must-have way. When some medical problems made it seem like I may not have them after all, I did become a bit more attached to the idea of having em. How far would I have gone to have kids though? Luckily, that's a question I did not have to answer since this happened spontaneously without fertility treatments and expensive operations.... I suspect that if need be, I might have gone part way on this road, and then turned towards adoption. I truly believe that having a biological kid at the price of thousands of dollars is a terrible waste of money.

So I am excited about being pregnant and terribly nervous about being a parent. I find myself constantly referring to the past... What did my parents do right that I didn't turn out to be an axe murderer or cocaine junkie? I remember bits and pieces from my own childhood - stories my mother told me for instance, that I want to pass on as memories to my child as well.

I've been reading plenty of pregnancy and parenting books and magazines. In fact thats all I read. Admittedly my career has been relegated to the back seat. But I know (and hope) this won't be permanent - regardless of all the people who seem to suddenly think that having a child spells the end to my career aspirations.. I do want to focus as much time and energy on the child for the next couple of years though..

What else happened over the past couple of months? My father-in-law visited us for 3 months.
I joined Toastmasters and am having fun at their meetings every Thursday evening. I also sang a song at a local event for South Indians. We've met some new people in this city as a result...

life is good...

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