Thursday, May 31, 2007


Tis lunchtime - although being self employed, I don't really have a paid lunchtime. It is whatever I want it to be. I just like to have lunch and take some time off at the same time as the people around me...

Been reading another blog for the past half hour and I am trying to do this chronologically so this all makes sense. I am still in 2004, reading about the birth of her first child and the entire process in the hospital. Its amazing! Its also horrifying! In my usual procastinator style, I've not spared much thought to labor and delivery till now considering that it is pretty far away. Suddenly 19 more weeks seem like very little time and I don't think I am prepared at all in any way...But what can you do to prepare? It is what it is, right? Well, in her case her hypnosis tapes seem to have helped her a lot among other things, although she still needed an epidural at the end of the day. Maybe I should join some breathing/relaxation classes - or buy some tapes or something..

I liked what she wrote about the delivery itself - how she always thought the process didn't matter as much as the end result and how she thinks differently now. It is one of the most significant experiences (not to mention prolonged and painful) that a woman goes through and she cannot help reflecting on it again and again later wondering if there was something she would have done differently. At least we have options at this day and age that gives us the luxury of wondering about it- epidurals and picotin and whatever else...

Well my self assigned lunchtime is over and I should head back to trying to floodlight the exterior of a high-rise building using some LED fixtures! Sounds more fascinating than it really is... like anything else I suppose.

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