Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All over the place

Been intending to post for the past few days on a few different things.

On Saturday I was intending to write about all that I had learned from meeting up with my friend at Deerfoot mall. Thanks to her, I've now started giving Kuttipa cheerios and fairly big pieces of baby biscuit. Iam also trying to incorporate more variety in his meals since then, because I learned that a refusal to eat something does not necessarily mean that he is full. Oh and I learnt an alternate to the usual applesauce - adding crushed oatmeal to it.

On Saturday I intended to blog about bread since I'd read an interesting rant about it at


This didn't quite inspire me to go start making my own bread though. Did I mention I am lazy? What I did was merely toddle over to the fridge and check the ingredients for the wholegrain sliced bread that I buy from Superstore (store brand). To my surprise there was NO modified cornstarch or high fructose corn syrup or enriched flour or xanthan gum. It was merely all the grains in the bread, ascorbic acid, water and yeast! Good stuff I think! Fairly cheap too! I can get similar good stuff at the farmer's market but for approx twice the cost! Now if only I could find some organic baby cereal without all these additives! President's Choice makes some different ones but the only variety I can find in my neighborhood Superstore is rice cereal. The closest other brand with minimal additives was from 'My Organic Baby' which I found at Shoppers Drug Mart. Perhaps Iam looking in the wrong places?

On Sunday I had planned to blog on the Stampede if I had made it there like I intended to. Since I didn't go there after all, I couldn't blog about it. I did go to a stampede breakfast at the Coventry Hills Centre which is nearby. Can't write much since we went at the very end and just about got breakfast and caught the last song in the live entertainment. Seemed like we'd missed a lot of good stuff though! From there we went to the library at Cardel Place where I got a card for Kuttipa. Can finally enroll him in the library storytime sessions and such.

Yesterday I intended to blog about how my classmates from Vikaasa had suddenly discovered each other and were mailing away like crazy. I am more of an observer than an active participant though I did send in a recent pic and a life story of sorts like the others...Its strange to see how some people haven't changed at all after all these years and I don't mean in terms of appearance!

The day is still young today and if anything happens today, I'll write about it tomorrow. Or the day after. Or one of these days...

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