Thursday, July 03, 2008

Another day is done

Still a bit achy especially in my back. The class is only once a week. So today I went for a long walk with Kuttipa to sort of keep up the tempo. That was about the only time he was reasonably quiet and happy today. Well, I guess the day started off right. But as it progressed he became increasingly cranky and started crying for the smallest things. He especially became upset if I left him in the living room to go into the kitchen for some reason or the other. So I cleaned the kitchen floor and took him there so he could be with me. He didn't quite like it there either. He is very cranky and I am not sure if its some phase or if its teething or what.

One of the times I left him to go to the kitchen, I heard him cry suddenly. When I came back to the living room, I found him sitting up. I had left him lying down. This is the first time he has done this! Yet he didn't seem to be as thrilled about it as I was. I kept watching him eagerly the rest of the day to see if he would repeat it, but he didn't. It wasn't from lack of trying though.

Nothing much else to write about except Kuttipa Purana, since I don't seem to be doing much else except keep watch over him the whole day, prepare his food, prepare our food, nurse him to sleep and go to sleep a little later myself. Wake up the next day (not to mention all the night-wakings) and it all starts again...

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