Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mall walking

I am headed to the mall in a little bit since I am meeting another mom from my prenatal class from last year. The women from the class have kept in touch and meet up at least once a week. I've not been as regular in meeting up mainly because of the 3 month India trip that came inbetween.
So anyway we were all supposed to meet up at Heritage Park today but that got washed out because of the potential thundershowers. With everyone else making alternate plans by themselves, it left two of us interested in meeting up and having a coffee perhaps. I've not seen this mom and her baby for almost 5 months now. I can't wait to see how her baby has grown and to show mine off as well...Kuttipa just cut his first tooth this morning. You can see just a tiny bit of white if you peer into his mouth (if he lets you). At any rate you can feel a tiny sharp edge when he bites your fingers (which he does . A lot!)
Nothing much else to write about anyway. So tata! I am off to Deerfoot mall (not exactly my favorite but it is the closest one to my house).

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