Sunday, July 06, 2008

Its Sunday again

Where did another week go? Started the day today with the Stampede breakfast at INCA. It was fairly good for free fare - Puris, Cholay, Bajji, Kesari and Jalebis. Met some people there who we knew and who were seeing Kuttipa for the first time. Incidentally Kuttipa turned exactly 9 months old today! That means he has been in the outside world just as long as he was inside me. I don't know if thats significant in any way...not to anyone else but me I guess. So he was all decked out in his Sherwani and looking gorgeous as usual. Didn't smile and socialize much with others though.

Now father and son are down for a nap while I am typing this. Haven't had lunch yet though its 2:35pm. Lunch is simple fare though - paruppu podi rice, raitha and curd rice. Shall cook something better for dinner if Kuttipa cooperates. He keeps waking up and crying and I wonder if its just teething or if he is in some sort of pain...How to find out? Maybe we need to see our doc just in case.

So I've received the drawings from my office. Need to do a lighting layout and send it in tomorrow. Thats right, I am planning to work a couple of hours a day from home and see how it works out. Wish me luck!

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