Monday, July 07, 2008

Should be working

Kuttipa is napping. Will wake up any minute now. He slept way much better last night though. Who knows why! I am just grateful...

I tried making Pasta Primavera last night and it turned out quite good even if I say so myself. Now I have to concoct something for the afternoon and for tonight. I wonder how my mother and millions of other women keep cooking morning noon and night on a daily basis without getting sick and tired of it. I like cooking the occasional specialty dish but other than that....bleaghhhhhh

Went to the zoo on Saturday. We enjoyed the trip even though Kuttipa was busy looking at the trees and the leaves instead of the animals and the birds. We particularly enjoyed looking at all the colourful butterflies in the conservatory. Wish I had a better camera, but here is a pic. Yeah, that thing that looks a dead leaf in the plate is actually a butterfly!

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