Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Seize the day

Or whatever you can seize from it.
Here I am trying to type up a post, seizing moments when Kuttipa is sleeping. I could be doing the laundry instead. Or mopping the kitchen floor. Or mending my pants...Yes, my house (and my life in general) is quite disorganized. Somehow I can never keep up. Instead, I blog.

Earlier today I was trying to seize some time for a walk outdoors with Kuttipa. He didn't have one yesterday thanks to thunderstorms. It seemed that today might be the same but the sky seemed to clear up somewhat and we went on a mini walk around the block. The sky became overcast again by the time we were done. Now, among my many phobias, fear of lightning ranks somewhere at the top. So we scrambled back home and I decided to go on a drive instead. Kuttipa fell asleep during the drive which sort of defeated the purpose - fresh air and change of scenery. OTOH it was a good thing because it got him some rest.

Speaking of rest, I could use some. It's been over nine months since I had this baby and he still wakes up approx every couple of hours! Apart from the tiredness, I find I am also getting stupider if thats even possible. One of the theories for night waking babes is that if they get enough calories during the day, they wont wake up as much at night. So after some brainstorming, my husband and I discovered that Kuttipa's diet is almost entirely carbs. So I've tried to add some more protein today - although the paruppu saadam wasn't well received in the evening.

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